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Dulci Digital is a leading strategic digital marketing and communications agency delivering expert advice and services on-demand.

Who are we
Our Equation for Success

We build likable brands. 

Success begins with strategy. With data-driven insights, leading technology, passionate marketing pros, and effective marketing campaigns, we've got the services and expertise to deliver results.

Our method is strategic, creative, and integrated. We help bring cohesion to the chaos of multi-channel marketing to increase leads and engagement, and grow revenue. 

"We're here to empower your business and evolve your brand."

Meet Megan Anderson
Founder of Dulci Digital Labs

Our Process

It starts with discovery. 

We'll complete a detailed review of your brand, your content, your competition, your opportunities, and your buyer's journey. 


Then, we'll bring your brand to the right people, on the right channels, with the right message to help you grow. We'll follow up with A/B testing to continue optimizing for the best performance.

Our motto is- Always be optimizing.

Like saving Bayer over $1 Million
in ad spend
 through A/B testing on social campaigns.

Our Services

High-Quality On-Demand.

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning

  • Content Creation & Copywriting

  • Branding & Graphic Design

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Marketing Automation

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy

  • Paid Media & PPC Campaigns

  • Social Media Marketing

  • SEO & SEM: Search Optimization

  • Website Design & Development

We serve brands large and small. Our services are built to scale with your business with no contracts.

How to Build a Likable Brand

How it works

Get Smart

Ineffective marketing operations, campaigns, and content production cost businesses millions of dollars per year.

It's time to find a smarter way using A/B testing and optimization. A data-driven approach makes it easy for businesses to ask the right questions and find the right answers. Find solutions to solve complex problems with better insights.

Case Study: Optimizing Paid Social Media Campaigns for Bayer

bayer logo_edited.png

Challenge: Bayer needed to improve audience engagement and generate more traffic for trade shows. They also wanted to improve their ROAS on Twitter. 

Results: Significantly higher engagement & much more traffic generated while substantially reducing campaign costs with A/B testing and optimization.

  • Increased Engagements by 31,000%

  • Increased Website Clicks by 103,000%

  • Total Ad Reach: Over 4.1 million users 

  • Total Ad Engagements: 232,606

It would have cost Bayer over $1.2 Million dollars to reach the same amount of traffic we generated for under $25K.  
bayer twitter campaign yoy growth chart.

Get Results

Empower your team to succeed and find the best opportunities for your business with a comprehensive brand evaluation and digital growth blueprint.

At Dulci Digital, we do it all. From research and data analysis to crafting creative strategies and content, our team is here to support all your digital marketing needs. 

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Knowledgable Expert is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Megan. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for eight years during which she has lived, led and breathed the digital landscape. Above all, I was impressed with Megan’s ability to generate ideas and strategies to serve her clients and generate company revenue. And, of course, her smile was ever-constant. Megan would be a true asset for any position requiring digital acumen, determination, drive, and leadership. Megan has my heartfelt recommendation.

- Mark Tomerlin, Business Leader, Strategist
Power Business Group

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