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Meet Megan Anderson


Founder of Dulci Digital
Author, Digital Marketing Instructor


Our motto at Dulci Digital is:
"Always be optimizing."

For the past 15 years, I've helped bring cohesion to the chaos of

modern multi-channel marketing,
to help brands align, grow,

and optimize performance. 

I want to empower others to learn more and do more with better systems. I launched Dulci Digital to provide a flexible solution to help businesses scale quickly and easily with remote teams and online project management tools.


I'm naturally driven to learn, adapt, and improve.

I believe that knowledge is power.

 I also believe sharing our
knowledge empowers us all.

Results are only going to be as good

as the underlying strategy.

If results are weak - so is the strategy. 

I help brands figure out why

and empower them 

to attract, engage and convert

their target audience

to build lasting brand value & growth.

"Every brand is unique -

your strategy should be too."


 It begins with a comprehensive brand
evaluation and gap analysis. 


I'll conduct research and analyze

your data, brand, your website and
other marketing assets.

Through close collaboration,

I'll work with your team to

design your digital growth blueprint.

I'll lay out a clear roadmap for success,

connecting every aspect of your brand
to help you adapt and thrive.

For execution, our network provides
 talented, workforce

to meet your needs on-demand.

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